What a Good, Good Father!

girl-rescued-in-chinaI recently read an article about the tragic collapse of a group of decrepit homes in eastern China. Apparently, the homes were built right next to each other. They were said to be of poor quality construction — a common occurrence in the outlying areas in China — when they were originally built, forty years ago. But the problem was compounded over the years when extra floors were added, making the buildings even less safe. Twenty-two people died in this catastrophe.

Fifteen hours after the collapse, workers were digging through  the rubble. Much to their surprise, they found a three-year-old girl alive. She was wrapped in the arms of her mother and father. The girl had only minor injuries. Her parents’ bodies had shielded her from the brunt of the falling debris.

Firefighter Sun Jing said, “We found them together, with the mother and father facing down and the little girl between their bodies facing up.”

When I read the story, I was immediately reminded of what Jesus did for us. He took the weight of our sins. He took the wrath of God so that we wouldn’t need to. His death gave us life.

What a good and loving Father we serve!

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