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The Pilgrims Gave Thanks

Captain Myles Standish was hired by the Pilgrims as military advisor for their Plymouth Colony in America. He eventually became a full member as well as a valued leader of the community. Standish had come to the “New World” with … Continue reading

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Worship Priorities

Years ago, I heard a comedian talking about going on vacation. He spoke of how the things we take with us on vacation are really a mini version of home. Smaller sizes of essential toiletry items. Fewer options for clothes. … Continue reading

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Lone Ranger Christian?

I have read numerous articles recently about the growing number of people who are dropping out of churches. They are still attempting to maintain their own relationship with God by themselves, but refuse to gather together with others. I think … Continue reading

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What’s the Real Mission?

Let me be really candid: I think we, as the Church, too frequently focus on the wrong thing. And when we do, our mission gets out of whack. If you look at history, whenever the Church had the greatest impact … Continue reading

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