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Hillsboro, Missouri Controversy

(Author’s note: I live in the Hillsboro, Missouri, area. When out in public, I’ve been asked about the controversy. So, I thought I should address it in a larger forum.) Recently, a woman named Rachel Dolezal was forced to resign … Continue reading

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Drywall Dust … and Heaven

My wife, Barbara, is a fastidious housekeeper. Clutter and dirt do not generally last very long in our home. The weekly cleaning day restores pretty much the entire house to its pristine condition. Periodic spot cleanings throughout the week demonstrate … Continue reading

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Don’t Run Away

Although I would certainly not put commitment to a specific congregation on the same level as commitment to marriage, there are parallels. Statistics show that those who have divorced once are much more likely to do it again. The same … Continue reading

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Beethoven’s Joy

Most musicologists would agree that Ludwig van Beethoven was a premiere musician and composer. More than 150 years after his death, his music still inspires and entertains. His Ninth Symphony has been hailed by some as perhaps his finest work. … Continue reading

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