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Rescuing the Restaurant Server

Some time ago, an acquaintance of mine and his wife went to a restaurant. Their server that evening was a woman who was apparently not having a good day. She was far from being the fun, outgoing server common in … Continue reading

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A Word of Caution

Over the years, I have looked often at the life story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the great German theologian. Bonhoeffer was a solidly-biblical Christian and a man of great conviction. Each time I encounter that story, I am amazed at how … Continue reading

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Thanking God … in the Midst of Pain

My high school art teacher, Al Markworth, was very instrumental in my early spiritual formation. If not for him, I might not even be in ministry today. At the very least, I’m sure my life would have been radically different … Continue reading

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Cathedral Monstrosity

Popular author T. Davis Bunn has a unique way of weaving historical facts into his fictional novels. In one scene from his book, The Amber Room, Herr Diehl is giving a tour of Erfurt, Germany. From the town marketplace they … Continue reading

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