Not Just Another Book

BibleIn my travels over the years, I have encountered too many people who have given up on reading the Bible. They have read it through – perhaps more than once – and they know what it says. They understand the overall concept and see no reason to continue reading on a regular basis.

I would suggest that such people have a shallow understanding of what Scripture really is.

Eugene Peterson, in his book, Eat This Book, said, “The most frequent way we have of getting rid of the puzzling or unpleasant difficulties in the Bible is to systematize it, organizing it according to some scheme or other that summarizes “what the Bible teaches.” If we know what the Bible teaches, we don’t have to read it anymore, don’t have to enter the story and immerse ourselves in the odd and unflattering and uncongenial way in which this story develops, including so many people and circumstances that have nothing to do, we think, with us.” (Eugene Peterson, Eat This Book, p. 66)

Rather than not reading Scripture, what we really need to do is to immerse ourselves in it, to lose ourselves in the eternal Word of God. Allow that Word to permeate you and alter your thinking.

As you approach the Word of God, don’t just look at it as reading another book. Instead, see it as a true interaction with the Lord. You’re not just reading a book; you’re coming before the most high God. Make Psalm 119:18, your prayer: “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.”

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