All the Rules Change

air force oneI’ve been told that the President of the United States has two Boeing 747s at his disposal. Both have a private office for the Commander-in-Chief. Both have special guidance systems, beyond the norm. Both are identical aircraft. Neither, though, is technically Air Force One. They’re both just known by their individual call signs… until the President steps on board. Then, everything changes. Oh, nothing on the outside looks any different. The physical characteristics of that jet are still the same. But that aircraft suddenly becomes Air Force One. Why? Because of the presence of the President.

In like manner, when we gather in Jesus’ Name, everything changes. It is no longer business as usual. The risen Christ is there in our midst. All the rules are altered. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; the natural becomes supernatural. Of course it does, because Jesus is there in a way that somehow transcends everyday life.

A.W. Tozer said this: “There is grief in my spirit when I go into the average church, for we have become a generation rapidly losing all sense of divine sacredness in our worship. Many whom we have raised in our churches no longer think in terms of reverence—which seems to indicate they doubt that God’s presence is there.” If we truly believe that the Lord is in our midst—and we doggone well better believe it!—then how we act, what we say, and what we do are all of great importance.

(excerpted from Worship in Heaven … and Why On Earth It Matters, by Tom Kraeuter ©2013 Training Resources, Inc., Hillsboro, Missouri)
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2 Responses to All the Rules Change

  1. Mark L. says:

    Tom, this post reminded me of the song by Denise Graves, “Every Time That We Are Gathered.” Do you know that one?

  2. Hannah Colon says:

    Great thoughts!! Thanks.

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