Being Honest with God

crying to GodI love the book of Psalms. Most people look at Psalms as a book of praises. It is that, to be sure, but it is so much more. One of my favorite themes is the heart-wrenching candor. Real people struggling with real dilemmas. And, oftentimes, they have no idea why those dilemmas came about or how to fix them. So they cry out to God. Those cries, though, are not smiling, polite prayers. There are no painted-on happy faces. They pray prayers of brutal honesty. Sometimes they even seem to be belligerent toward the Lord.

Let’s be candid. There are times when we struggle in life. There are situations and circumstances that, no matter how hard we try, we simply do not understand.

  • “Why me?”
  • “Why her?”
  • “Why now?”
  • “Terminated?”
  • “Everything is gone?”
  • “Cancer?”
  • “Not the child!”

Some situations seem overwhelmingly hard to bear. They are beyond our comprehension.

Those are the same situations with which the psalmists struggled. And in the midst of their struggles they let God know what they thought. They didn’t hold back.

Here’s the truth: the Lord knows our hearts. We’re not going to hide anything from Him. We may as well be candid and admit how we feel and what we’re thinking. It certainly won’t come as a surprise to God.

This doesn’t mean that we blab our frustrations to everyone who will listen. That would be inappropriate. But admitting our struggles to the One who can ultimately walk us through those situations might be a good idea.

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3 Responses to Being Honest with God

  1. Beck Gambill says:

    I read through the book of Psalms last fall and winter. They changed my prayer life and my perspective of God and man’s relationship! Amazing how he spoke to me through those heartfelt words!

  2. Cheri Walters says:

    Teaching a brief overview of Psalms (try that sometime!), I had a woman ask, “What’s so important about the Psalms? I don’t really get it.” I remember being shocked, because to me it’s the most honest, human, let-it-all-hang-out book in the Bible! Pretty much every human emotion, especially toward God, is expressed there. I think it tells us so much about Who God is and who we are in relation to Him. As you said, it’s not like we’re going to surprise Him, and I’ve come to believe that He actually invites us to dialogue with Him, even when we are hurt or angry.

  3. I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my grandfather as far back as I can remember. He did many terrible things, some of which are too distasteful for me to talk about publicly. I want to share my testimony, because so many people have been hurt, and they need to realize that someone has made it through their struggles so they can have hope. More than anything, I want you to know and really understand that anyone who has been abused can fully recover if they will give their life completely to the Lord…It may seem impossible, but God’s truth has set me free from a life of pretense and lies and has restored my soul. I am living proof that nothing is too hard for God. No matter what you’ve been through or how bad you’ve been hurt, there is hope!
    My book is available at Amazon and I would love for each person who has liked this page to order a copy. Each copy sold will go toward the prevention of child abuse across the country and world. The Little Girl Inside. God Bless, Diane Waltman

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