The Church

From the beginning of the Christian Church until now, major changes have occurred. I’m not talking about theological changes, although obviously those have also happened. I’m actually talking about geographical changes. The Church has grown and moved and expanded.

And the biggest shift occurred during the twentieth century. You can see on the map the slowly meandering arc that shows the first 1900 years of the geographic center of the Church. Then, from 1900 to 2000, there was a sudden 1700-mile gallop almost due south. Although, today, the Church in the West — Europe and America — seems to be languishing in many ways, the Church in the South is flourishing.

Christianity is growing dramatically in places like Africa, South America, and China. And just as the West sent missionaries to those places previously, now they are sending missionaries to us.

If you ever wonder whether the Church will still be intact when Jesus returns, you’re likely just looking at the Western Church. Take a look at the bigger picture. Jesus promised that He would build His Church. (see Matthew 16:18)

He is!

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  1. Mark L. says:

    excellent reminder!!

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