Something To Look Forward To

heaven's gatesWhen Jesus sent forth the seventy-two disciples, part of what they were told to do was “heal the sick” (Luke 10:9). When they returned, the disciples were beside themselves with excitement. “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name!” (Luke 10:17). Can you picture those enthusiastic missionaries jumping up and down and laughing as they shared their amazing experiences with Jesus?

Maybe one told about a man whose legs were bent at odd angles away from one another. Walking was not merely difficult, it was impossible. Then Beriah prayed and the man’s legs snapped into the proper position. Everyone heard a loud crack and the man’s legs looked like everyone else’s. “It was absolutely amazing,” whispered a still shocked Beriah.

Perhaps another told of a woman who was in such excruciating pain that she hadn’t slept in two months. Her face, gaunt and ashen, appeared as though she had already died. But when Hanniel prayed, the woman fell to the ground in such a profound sleep that no one could awaken her for three days. When she finally did wake up, she was totally and completely healed. Tears streamed down the cheeks of Hanniel as he recounted the story to Jesus and the others.

Obviously these are simply my imaginings. However, I’m sure that my imaginings fall far short of the miracle-working power of God. After all, Scripture says that God is “able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). Those disciples surely saw and experienced the power of God and so they “returned with joy” (Luke 10:17).

In the midst of their excitement and enthusiasm, though, Jesus said this, “Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven” (Luke 10:20, author’s emphasis).

As much as the miracles are spine-tingling events, the real excitement is reserved for the fact that we are headed for heaven. No matter how miraculous an earthly event may appear, it will never compare with our heavenly home with God.

(Excerpted from Worshiping God in the Hard Times, by Tom Kraeuter, ©2009 Training Resources, Inc., Hillsboro, Missouri. Get your copy at
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2 Responses to Something To Look Forward To

  1. Brooke Orozco says:

    Tom, this reminds me of a song – lyrics below if you have time to check it out – really speaks to what you wrote. Peace, Brooke

    Words and music by Brooke Orozco
    © 2009 Used by Permission

    Verse 1
    saving a son, You gave him his life again
    at Cana You turned water into wine
    “get up and walk” You commanded the invalid
    You walked on water, gave sight to the blind

    it’s no miracle for You, it’s just the way You are
    You hold the laws of nature in Your hand
    Chorus 1
    God at work: it’s a miracle that I should ever know
    Your pow’r in miracles and all that You have done
    Touching earth with Your miracles – help me to believe
    Your pow’r in miracles showing You’re the One
    Verse 2
    saving a life, a close call in an accident
    healing to the cancer-ridden child
    love that is shared and pains that are forgiven
    a marriage on the rocks is reconciled
    it’s no miracle for You, it’s just the way You are
    You hold each human heart within Your hand
    Chorus 2
    God at work: it’s a miracle that I should ever see
    You working miracles right in front of me
    touching earth with Your miracles – help me, God, to see
    You’re working miracles in the simple things 

    when You came down and saved me
    when You humbled Yourself to be born
    from the stable to the cross You replaced me
    all for love, all for love
    Chorus 3
    God at work: it’s a miracle that I should ever see
    You working miracles right inside of me
    touching earth with Your miracles – help me, God, to see
    You worked a miracle when You saved me
    You worked a miracle when You saved me

  2. Jason D says:

    Great musings brother! This is something i’ve been mulling about in my finite little brain. When Jesus said “greater things then these will you do…” I don’t believe he was referring to miracles (in the sense of physical healing) but the greatest miracle of all is when a sinner is cleansed of his sin and adopted all by the grace of God. This is the greatest reason for rejoicing for physical healing is temporary; spiritually rising from death to life is ETERNAL

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