King Saul … and You

Saul and SamuelIt seems to me that in the Old Testament King Saul did more than his share of stupid stuff. The first recorded of these is when he offered sacrifices on his own, without a priest being involved. Samuel had apparently told Saul to wait a week and he’d be there to offer the sacrifices before the army went into battle. But Saul was impatient. Samuel showed up immediately after Saul had done the deed.

Saul offered what sounds like a good excuse. “The army was scattering; they were leaving me. And I didn’t want to go into battle without seeking the favor of the Lord. So I did it myself.” (You can read the whole story and the exact quotes in 1 Samuel 13:8-12.)

Honestly, as I read Saul’s words, they sound like something I’d say. Yes, Lord, I know You said this, but I did this other thing because it seemed logical and reasonable.

Not long ago, a friend of mine suggested to me that God’s love language is obedience. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” (John 14:15) Doing what the Lord says to do is an indication of our love for Him.

Many years ago, I heard a preacher say that if you’re not doing everything it says in His written Word, then you have no business expecting outside revelation from God. Honestly, I think that’s overly strong. We’ll never perfectly obey His Word here and now. But, willfully and intentionally ignoring what Scripture says is another matter.

The Lord wants to have an interactive relationship with us in our daily lives. Yet, if we refuse to follow what He has already told us in His written Word, we are distancing ourselves from Him.

Do you ever act like King Saul, taking matters into your own hands, instead of following what God says in His Word?

Lord, forgive us for too often acting like King Saul and not being willing to follow You and Your Word wholeheartedly.

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