The Concealed God

hidden GodWhat a crazy thing. The God who is a spirit made the physical worlds. The One Who is unseen created the seen. The Lord Who cannot be touched made the sense of touch.

So, the big question, then, is, “Was that all thought through from the beginning?” Because it does seem sort of … odd. And, of course, the obvious answer to that question is, “Yes, He clearly had thought it through!”

I think it’s safe to say that God intended for us to relate to Himself in a way that is outside of our usual human interaction. It was not some afterthought. “Uh oh, I never considered that aspect.” No! God knew – and planned – beforehand.

There are those who think the Lord made a mistake in this regard. If only God would show Himself, then people would be more likely to believe. But He did just that two-thousand years ago. And so many still rejected Him.

There are times I wish I could see Him, or at least hear an audible voice. But, like it or not, that’s not the norm for God. It is generally not the way He operates.

Martin Luther once referred to Him as “the hidden God” or “the concealed God.”

However, He does promise that His sheep will hear His voice. (John 10:27) It may not be audible, but somehow He will lead and guide.

So stop worrying. Although you can’t see Him or audibly hear His voice, He’s still there. Through His eternal Word, the whispers of His Spirit (based on Scripture), and other people in your life, He will make sure you hear what you need.

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2 Responses to The Concealed God

  1. Mark L. says:

    this is really thought-provoking….His ways are higher than our ways.

  2. Tom Kraeuter says:

    Way higher! I couldn’t help but write when I started pondering this idea. But I still don’t fully comprehend it. 🙂

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