coincidence 2How often have you and I been inclined to think that God isn’t really in charge? Oh, we would never say it like that. Yet, we easily begin to wonder at the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in.

But if God truly is in charge, then He’s with us and in us wherever we find ourselves, right?

So, your trip to the grocery store might seem random, but the same God who promised to never leave you or forsake you is still with you there. Your quick lunch at Subway might seem insignificant, but maybe the Lord has you there for a reason. The place where you work may seem like simply a way to help support your family, but there is a God who is amazing at setting up situations and circumstances. And if we pay attention to His Spirit, we may just find ourselves ministering to people in ways we never thought possible.

We have a tendency to separate the things we think are secular and the things we think are sacred. We forget about God when we’re at work or shopping. Yet, we are the Body of Christ; His hands, His feet, His voice here and now.

Albert Einstein once said that “coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” I think that’s true. You never know when that seemingly random conversation could be something far more significant than just a random conversation.

Is it possible that the Lord could work through you in those “non-spiritual” times?

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