Ministering in a Brothel

brothelIn his well-written book, The Character of a Man, Bruce Marchiano tells the story of a man who actually ministered to the women in a brothel. One of their own had been killed in a car accident, and they were left to arrange the funeral. The ladies were able to take care of all the details except one: they needed someone to preside over the funeral or at least to say a few words at the gravesite. They called church after church but no one would have anything to do with them. Finally, a young Christian man named Tony heard of their plight from a social worker. He called them and said, “I’m not a pastor or anything. I’m just a Bible student. But I’d be happy to come out if you’d like me to.”

They agreed and Tony shared the love of Christ at the funeral. That wasn’t the end of the story, though. Tony asked if he could come every Sunday morning and “have church” with the ladies. They accepted, so he had the opportunity to come alongside them on a regular basis to demonstrate and teach them what Jesus had done for them. Today that brothel is closed. Why? Because, one by one, all of the girls were born again. They gave up their licentious lifestyle and got legitimate jobs. Two or three even enrolled in Bible college. All because one young man was willing to extend grace in an attempt to rescue them.

At the conclusion of His story about the Good Samaritan, Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.” It sounds to me as though Tony actually did that. Can you imagine what would happen if you and I did the same?

(excerpted from the book, Reflecting God’s Mercy in an Unmerciful World, by Tom Kraeuter, ©2008 Training Resources, Inc., Hillsboro, MO. Go to
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  1. Mark says:

    Love that!

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