cure for sinA recent op-ed piece in a large newspaper has garnered a lot of interest. In essence, the writer stated that what’s right and wrong changes over time. In other words, truth evolves. Although this may be accurate in certain areas of culture – fashion, for example – it is not true in all areas of life.

The writer of the above-mentioned editorial wants the Church to change the definition of sin. The reality is that we don’t have that option. We human beings don’t get to decide what is morally right and wrong in God’s eyes. Only He can do that. And He has.

He has stated clearly and plainly that there is a line that we can cross. When we traverse that line, we have sinned. Jesus uses the word “sin” and its variations (sinful, sinner, etc.), more than nearly any other word. According to the Lord Himself, there is right and wrong.

The fact of the matter is that if we reject the idea of sin, then we reject the core of what Jesus came to do. If we have no sin, then we don’t need a Savior. If we can do whatever we want, based on our own inclinations, then Jesus’ death was for nothing.

But it wasn’t for nothing. Sin is real. God has stated that there is right and there is wrong. There is a clear demarcation between those two. And we don’t get to change that because the mores of society change.

The prophet Isaiah said it well: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” (Isaiah 5:20)

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2 Responses to Sin?

  1. Les Young says:

    Well articulated truth Tom, as usual. I can attest, from personal experience, that when you not only speak of sin (right and wrong, good and evil) but actual point out specific sins, especially those where culture and politics are making the greatest strides in changing the definitions, then the “dislike” can turn into outright anger. The Christian who dares comment about the spiritual state of the nation cannot avoid topics like abortion and same-sex marriage, because these are areas where laws are being/have been enacted which call good evil, and evil good. God bless!

  2. Mark L says:


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