Thanks for the Blessings!

Thank God For BlessingsGod, I thank You for Your many blessings. You didn’t have to let me be born, but You did it anyway. There is no compelling reason for You to allow me to draw breath day after day, and yet You do. It certainly wasn’t mandatory for You to permit me to give and receive love, but You have. There was no one forcing You to let me experience life with amazing people – my family and friends – and yet You allowed that anyway.

Granting me the ability to see and hear and touch and taste – none of those were absolutely critical, but You have graced me with those abilities nonetheless. My everyday companion of good health is something I often take for granted, yet it is clearly a gift from Your hand. Sound sleep – on a comfortable bed no less – has been a wonderful blessing given by You.

A shelter over my head, protecting me from the elements, is also a present from You. Food and drink, enough to sustain my life for decades, is unquestionably Your doing. The ongoing gifts of work and play, labor and relaxation, are also from You.

You weren’t obligated to let me see sunrises and sunsets, mountain, rivers, forests, lakes, deserts, and so many other aspects of Your amazing creation, but You have allowed those things just the same. It was obviously not vital that You allow me the wonderful privilege of walking hand-in-hand with an amazing woman – my wife – day after day, for more than a third of century, yet You have given me that gift anyhow. And for our wonderful – and growing – family, thank You!

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer You thanks for the tremendous gift of Your Word that guides and sustains me day by day. And, it certainly was not necessary for You to give me the gift of eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection, but You blessed me with that anyway.

I am far from deserving of the blessings You have so freely bestowed, but I am grateful. Thank You!

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