Do You Have God’s Attention?

Isaiah 66-2The second half of Isaiah 66:2 causes me to wonder. “But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.”

Humble. Contrite in spirit. Trembles at His Word. Those are the people to whom God looks. It literally means that God will turn His attention toward such a person.

Let me be uncomfortably candid for a moment. I am rarely any of those things.

My “natural” default setting is toward pride, not humility. I find it much easier to be haughty and arrogant rather than humble.

According to my dictionary, the word “contrite” means “filled with a sense of guilt and the desire for atonement; penitent.” Certainly I repent of sins regularly, but I don’t think I am often “filled with a sense of guilt” and rarely a true “desire for atonement.” I’m pretty sure that contrition should be my companion much more frequently than it is now.

And I’m not entirely certain I have ever trembled at God’s Word. Sure, I’ve been amazed at the greatness and holiness and majesty of God. But trembling at His Word? Not so much.

Yet those character qualities are the people toward whom God turns His attention. He looks at people like that. They have His interest.

May we – you and I, both – conform more to the Word of God.

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1 Response to Do You Have God’s Attention?

  1. David Johnson says:

    Humble, contrite, trembling – oh, how contrary to our natures and our culture. Thank you again for the challenging exhortation.

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