Rules, Rules, Rules

rulesWhen I was younger, I had a tendency to chafe against rules. I wanted to do things my own way. I wanted to set my own boundaries, or, better yet, not have any boundaries. I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do.

Later, when I became a Christian, I still had a tendency in that same direction. To be honest, even today, I’m still not big on rules. But being a parent, and now a grandparent, has changed some of my perspective, especially about the commands of Scripture.

Particularly when our kids were younger, there were certain rules that were mandatory. These weren’t rules to squelch their fun. They were boundaries to keep them safe.

I am seeing the same scenario played out now in our grandkids. Little Kylie, just over a year old, seems to be magnetically drawn to electrical outlets. No matter how many times she is told, “No!” or pulled away from the outlets, she seems to want to return. We don’t keep her away from those outlets because we have some sinister desire to ruin her enjoyment. Instead, we want to keep her safe. We’re trying to guard her from a very shocking experience.

That’s what the commands of God are all about. As a loving Father, the Lord knows far better than we do what will be best for us. He is, after all, the Creator of all things. And He is driven to keep us away from the things that will harm us.

When we see the Scriptural commands in this light, it changes our perspective. If we truly get that concept, then we don’t whine and complain, “Why can’t I do it? Everyone else is!” Rather, we thank God for His kindness in keeping us from the potentially harmful effects of our actions.

What a good God we serve. He wants to keep us safe.

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1 Response to Rules, Rules, Rules

  1. Mark L says:

    well said, with a great analogy.

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