Shining the Light

shining the light“He had an only daughter, about twelve years of age, and she was dying” (Luke 8:42).

What an unthinkable scenario for a father. An only daughter, not quite a teenager, dying. As a father myself, with just one daughter, I can’t imagine how devastating this could be. What goes through a dad’s mind at such a time? To what lengths will he go to save his child?

It seems odd that a leader in the Jewish religious community—a “synagogue ruler”—would turn to Jesus, the one who the religious leaders disdained. I suppose that if someone called me a snake or a white-washed tomb—like Jesus did to the Pharisees—I might be unhappy with that person, also. So, it comes across as odd, then, that one of their own would seek out Jesus

But this man, Jairus, obviously recognized something in Jesus that he needed. He saw that Jesus could do what others could not.

Let me put an unusual twist on this story. There may be times that we Christ-followers are mocked for our faith. Worldly people don’t—can’t—understand why we trust in an unseen Being. But when that person is hurting or in trouble, guess who they turn to. I saw it several times when I worked in a secular work environment. There are so many who are struggling, trying to find something that is real and true, trying to fill that empty God-shaped hole on the inside.

Don’t be afraid to let your light shine, just as Jesus did. At just the right moment, Jairus or some other opponent may approach you needing help. And you can point them to the One Who has just what they need.

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  1. Mark says:

    once again, a thought-provoking post! love it.

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