Gomer’s Husband

HoseaI’ll admit that for people of my generation, that title sounds weird. When we think of the name Gomer, in our minds the first person that pops up is Gomer Pyle, the wacky U.S. Marine Corps private on television who could rarely do anything right.

But I want to talk about a different Gomer. This one is female. (Is that crazy, or what?) And she was partly the topic of the blog I wrote last week. She was the prostitute that God told Hosea to marry.

In this story, I want you to consider something. Hosea never once balked at the Lord’s commands. God told him to be wedded to a hooker, and he did it. Later, when she left him, the Lord directed Hosea to pursue her and bring her back. Again, Hosea obeyed.

Think about this situation for a moment. Better yet, insert yourself into this scenario. Would you follow such an outlandish directive? Could you, willingly, go out and marry someone who sells his or her body for a livelihood? It seems to me that this is a pretty big deal. And yet Hosea did exactly what God asked.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes chafe against the relatively easy things God asks of me. I struggle with even the mundane issues of everyday life. The simplest of commands can, for me, become fodder for rebellion.

Then I come across a guy like Hosea who willingly married a woman named Gomer. (That, it seems to me, would be a big enough stretch. After all, how would my family react to a woman whose name is Gomer?) But on top of that, she’s a whore, a prostitute, a lady of the evening. What a scandalous nightmare of an existence this would create.

Yet, apparently, none of those things were important to Gomer’s husband.

Oh that I was as willingly obedient to God as Hosea.

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