It’s God Who Opens Minds

mind_keyhole“Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures…” (Luke 24:45).

I love that verse. You see, as a teacher, I have the skewed perspective that if I will just give people enough information—if I will teach them adequately—then they’ll get it. They will understand and act on what I’ve said. If I do my job well then they will comprehend the message and it will make a difference.

Yet such a perspective leaves God out of the equation. And He is absolutely essential to that equation. Without Him, it really doesn’t work at all.

So rather than just stand in front of people and expound on the immense amount of knowledge I have gained over the years, I first need to ask the Lord to open “their minds to understand the Scriptures.” If He doesn’t do that, then all my eloquent words will not have the necessary impact.

I would suggest that, in like manner, when you share the gospel with someone, the majority of your effort needs to be in praying for the hearer. If God doesn’t open the mind of the person to receive the words, then the impact will be minimized.

People can close their minds, but only the Lord has the key that can truly open them.

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2 Responses to It’s God Who Opens Minds

  1. Rom Pegram says:

    Spot on, Tom … and a reminder that every preacher needs to hear from time to time. Thanks for your consistent insights…

  2. Beck Gambill says:

    I needed to hear that. I’ve been invited to be a part of a worship festival, and lead a seminar, in Serbia this summer. I’ve been worrying over how to communicate truth and what God has put on my heart to people in a different culture, many of whom don’t even speak my language. It is God who opens hearts and minds to the truth and his presence. Thanks for giving me a new way to pray as I go, that he will unlock minds!

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