Shrimpy Prayers

shrimpYou’re likely aware that many missionary endeavors today are focused around humanitarian efforts. Helping local people with agricultural training in their own environment can be a good way to open the door for sharing the gospel. A friend of mine works with a mission organization that does such projects.

Not long ago, she visited a shrimp farm that was started in order to help the local economy in an impoverished nation. Unfortunately, there was a decided anti-Christian sentiment in the community, and the farm was vandalized repeatedly. Thieves stole thousands of dollars’ worth of materials. Those in charge of the farm were doing their best to help the community, but the community seemed to oppose the assistance.

During their visit, my friend and her team fervently prayed for the farm. They asked God to protect it, and to grant them favor in the community. And they asked the Lord to open the hearts of the people to hear the good news of Christ. They prayed, and God answered.

Shortly after their visit, the head of the project happened to speak with a local community leader, a devout follower of another religion. As it turns out, the local man desperately needed a job. The head of the shrimp farm hired him as a worker. The man’s influence in the community is apparently strong. Since his hire, there has been no more vandalism at the shrimp farm, and the farm truly is helping the local economy. Further, the man’s heart has begun to soften to the gospel.

Throughout the Scriptures, God has promised to hear us when we call to Him. Let’s do it!

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