To the Least of These

Lord, I give you my all...One of my favorite writers is Mark Buchanan, a pastor from Vancouver, British Columbia. In a recent blog post, Mark told about the time he preached at a church in rural Kenya. Most of the people there were poor. Some of them wore suits or dresses, but many were dressed in tatters. When it was time for the offering, every person brought something to the front to give to God. Some brought paper money, others coins, and still others brought food, things like chickens, eggs, potatoes and cabbages. All of them were laid on the altar as an offering to God.

Buchanan said this, “At the end of the service, the pastor auctioned the food to the wealthier people in the church. And then an amazing thing happened: many of those people gave the food away. To a little boy who came to church alone. To a single mom with hungry children. To an old man too sick to work.” (

This story reminds me of Jesus’ words, “As you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40). I can’t help but think that those people in rural Kenya might just understand something about worship that we American Christians often miss.

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2 Responses to To the Least of These

  1. Beck Gambill says:

    Refreshing and beautiful isn’t it! I love Mark Buchanan’s writing as well. When I read the post you mention I was so convicted. I don’t take seriously my poverty of heart and then live in a humble overflow of God’s generosity to me. I shouldn’t be offended by my need or that of another I should embrace any opportunity to receive or to give as from God. Still growing in that area!

  2. Paula Gentry says:

    Hey Tom. Great post. Would you give me permission to use this in my newsletter column next week? With appropriate credit to you, of course. let me know.


    Paula Gentry

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