No Kids?

no kidsSince we’re all just friends here reading this blog, I hope you don’t mind if I’m a bit stronger than usual with my words.

I have recognized for some time that, from God’s perspective, raising kids was far more about growing me up, than them. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just me. If they were completely candid, everyone who has had children would likely voice the same thing. Raising children changes your perspective on just about everything. They impact every area of your life. Without question, it helps you better grasp, at least a little bit, God’s love, and the relationship He wants with us. And perhaps, that’s why He gave them to us. After all, Scripture says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3, NLT).

So that’s why I’m genuinely concerned today. As I travel, I am finding more and more young couples who are not wanting to have children. “We’re independent and don’t want to be tied down by kids.” “Children would hamper our lifestyle; we don’t want that.”

And I’m not talking about non-believers, either. These are Christian couples who allow their own selfishness to circumvent God’s plan for families. Children truly are, in so very many ways, an amazing blessing—a gift—from the Lord. Why refuse the gifts He wants to give?

Never before in history has there been a generation that has adopted such an anti-offspring attitude. It’s scary, not just because of the future ramifications, but because those couples are clearly missing out on a blessing from God now.

I would suggest that if you don’t want kids because it might hamper your current independent lifestyle, perhaps that’s a really good reason to have kids. If your life revolves around your wants and desires, you probably need to ditch the selfish attitude and grow up. Children are one of God’s primary means for making that happen.

Are we still friends?  🙂

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4 Responses to No Kids?

  1. Paula Gentry says:

    hear, hear! This was exactly what happened to me. I led a very selfish lifestyle until I adopted my child. I feel like she saved me from a life without purpose.

  2. Nancy o says:

    Of course we are still friends. And how right you are. Step children have changed my life so very much… Just look at our further reward of GRAND KIDS… WOW now talk about a prespective change.

  3. Beck Gambill says:

    You caught me! I had bought into that lie and actually slapped a Christian label on it. “We don’t want to have kids because we can serve God and love each other better that way.” Read we’re selfish and fearful of laying down our own rights but we’re going to over spiritualize it! God’s smarter than we are though. Six years into our marriage he surprised us with the gift of Max! After a few years of understanding that children are an amazing means of rubbing off the rough edges of pride and self, and that they truly are a gift, we welcomed Maggie into our family. It’s my prayer that one day God will provide the means for us to welcome a child with Down syndrome into our family as well. Wise words friend. And it’s never a bad thing to speak the truth with gracious intentions, even if it might be hard to hear!

  4. Adam W. says:

    I was right there Tom… I knew what having a child would do and man it was daunting to think about having any children at all… My baby boy is 8 weeks old in three days… the last 8 weeks have been one huge teachable moment with God as father saying over and over.. “See Adam…THIS is how much I love you”… “Yes I want YOU to rely on ME this much”… “That’s right my beloved son, I was proud of you when you made dirty diaper (spiritually)… and I am so proud that you wear big boy pants now”… the list goes on and on and on time without end!!!

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