Rated R?

RedeemerThere are some parts of Scripture, especially among the historical writings, that probably warrant an R-rating. God apparently didn’t want to hide or suppress the history of His people. Murder, coup attempts, rape, incest, adultery. It’s all there and more, all out in the open for everyone to read.

Yet, along with all of the torrid stories, we so often see the redeeming hand of God. It is as though God allows us to see the bad, so that we can also see what He can do with bad situations and even bad people. I get the impression the Lord is repeatedly demonstrating that there is no situation too vile for Him to redeem.

In the Old Testament, Lot, Abraham’s nephew, lost his wife as they fled from Sodom. This left Lot alone with his two daughters, living in a cave. The girls were sure they could find no husbands, and therefore could never have children. So they took matters into their own hands. They got their father drunk, and seduced him. Each became pregnant. From one of those incestuous relationships was born Moab (Genesis 19:37). If you know the history of Israel, the Moabites were a thorn in the side of God’s chosen people for centuries. And all because of a stupid idea that culminated in incest.

But do you remember the story of Ruth? She was a Moabite woman. In spite of her ancestry, though, she became the great-grandmother of King David, and a vital part of the lineage of Jesus.

What an amazing redeeming God we serve. There is indeed nothing too evil or vile for the Lord to redeem.

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  1. Nancy o says:

    Once again you made me stop and think….. i always look forward to your blogs. Thank you

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