Active Prayer

prayerI appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf (Romans 15:30).

As I read this verse recently, I was struck by the phrase, “strive together with me in your prayers.” This doesn’t sound passive. It actually sounds like work, as though effort needs to be put forth.

For many people, me included at times, prayer can be much too passive. “Let’s have a prayer” is a common phrase in many churches. It’s like the difference between “Let’s have a meal” and “Let’s eat!” One is passive; the other is active. One sounds as though it will just happen. The other requires involvement on our part.

Actually, in the Greek, the words “strive together with” are all one word. The word literally means “to struggle in company with.” Let’s work at this together. Let us, in unity, put forth the necessary effort. Not simply a passive hoping for as we mouth some words, but an honest striving together in asking God to move on our behalf.

Sometimes prayer can be work. It can take effort. It is, however—especially when we strive together—well worth that effort.

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2 Responses to Active Prayer

  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Tom. Struggling in prayer can be a struggle. It’s good to remember that when we engage in prayer we are joining the “brotherhood of the striving” in battle together.

  2. Adesola Oguntimehin says:

    Thanks for this scripture Tom. One of the ways we can actively stand in the gap for our brothers is to pray in other tongue(speaking in tongue) which gives us the assurrance that we are praying for someone even when we do not know what to pray for.
    I also want to use this medium to say thank you for Feb 11 seminar. This seminar made me come back and i’m still coming back to the heart of worship. You are a true blessing to this generation. I give glory to God for you Tom.
    Adesola Oguntimehin.

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