“We Need Mentors”

Mentor & TelemachusI recently was privileged to attend a small gathering of key people involved in worship. Of the 35 people there, there were folks from 15 different states and two other countries. A lot happened during the two days together. One of the things that struck me the most, though, was the consistent mention by the younger folks of their need for the “fathers,” mentors, those who had been walking in the ways of God for longer. They expressed the absolute necessity of having someone to turn to, someone to learn from. They recognized that they had zeal but they needed wisdom. They were sincere and humble in their desire for relationship with those who were older and more experienced.

It was refreshing to hear such things.

There is too often an attitude among the younger generation that they are self-sufficient. “I’ve got everything I need. I don’t need anyone, especially someone older.”

The humble recognition of these younger leaders that they need fathers/mentors was both exciting and encouraging.

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1 Response to “We Need Mentors”

  1. Belinda says:

    This is, indeed, a heart-cry from many young people that I am in contact with in my travels and ministry.
    Years ago your story about being mentored by Kent Henry struck a chord in my (younger) heart and I rose to the challenge of being willing to mentor others around me. Currently I have the privilege of mentoring close to a dozen younger worship leaders and I continue to give them this same challenge of mentoring others.
    How encouraging to read your message today and hear that this is being echoed in other gatherings. It is the message of the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples….” Love it! Thanks for the reminder!

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