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Follow MeWhen you get a new job, you generally get a job description. Most people get a written job description, but some receive only a verbal explanation of their duties. Either way, there is at least an understanding of what is expected from you. You know the minimum tasks you must perform in order to perform the job for which you were hired.

When Jesus called His disciples, He simply said, “Follow me.” There was not much of an explanation. Of course we know that to those who had been fishermen He said, “I will make you fishers of men.” But let’s be honest. In that day and culture, did they have any idea of what that meant? I seriously doubt it.

“Follow me.” Two simple words. No lengthy explanation. No elaborate sales pitch to convince them of what fun they would have. No official title or corner office. No job description, or, at best, a cryptic what-on-earth-does-that-mean description. No discussion of pay or vacation or health insurance benefits. Just, “Follow me.”

In all honesty, that hasn’t changed since the beginning. Jesus still says to those who will hear Him, “Follow me.” No explanation of where the path will lead. No disclaimers telling about the possible dangers, living conditions or difficulties. No, just, “Follow me.”

When a couple of the first disciples asked Him where He was staying, Jesus responded, “Come and you will see.” He certainly doesn’t seem to be forthcoming with lots of information beforehand, does He? I think that’s intentional.

Over the years many people have confided to me that if they knew how hard it would be to follow Christ, they might never have started that journey. At the same time, though, they have all also said it has been far more than worth it.

“Follow me.” Wherever. He is worth it.

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One Response to Follow Me

  1. Beck says:

    Great words as Chris and I begin our new ministry journey in Alabama! God’s idea of following and my idea of following are as different as night and day. But that’s good because I’m limited in my creativity!

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