Worship… and Overcoming Our Greatest Fears

Someone recently suggested to me that worship is about giving our hearts to the things that are most important to us. If this is true, then it follows that we will always worship the opposite of the thing(s) that we fear most. For example, if we fear being alone, we will worship social interaction. If we fear being poor, then money and things become the objects of our worship. If we fear not being accepted by others, then we worship the praise of man. If we fear conflict, then we worship peace. Whatever is contrary to our fears becomes the object of our worship. However, turning our hearts and affections toward God ultimately gives us all these things and more.

  • We can never be alone when we’re with Him.
  • He alone supplies all our needs.
  • Because of what Christ has done, the Lord Himself has accepted us.
  • He, Himself, is our peace.

Worshiping created things may cause us to find a small measure of what we’re looking for. On the other hand, worshiping God will bring us everything and more that we need for ultimate satisfaction.

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