Simplicity, Technology and Life

Over the years, I have frequently stated that I would have enjoyed being born a few—or even several—generations ago because life, and the pace of life, was simpler. Simplicity is one of the reasons that my family lives out in the country. Living a simpler life can be a big plus in cultivating a relationship with God.

While I still agree with everything I just said, at the same time, I am grateful to be alive today. Specifically, I am grateful for the myriad of advances in technology.

Of course, I am keenly aware that such technological advances certainly can be detrimental to our relationship with God. There are more distractions to pull us away from the Lord than ever before. At the same time, though, those technological advancements can benefit our relationship with the Lord if we use them wisely. Looking up at the night sky can create an awe of God, but recognizing—as we only can through technology—that there are more than 70 sextillion stars (that’s a seventy followed by twenty-one zeroes!) makes me even more in awe of Him!

The fast pace of society can draw my attention away from the Lord. But Keith and Kristen Getty on my mp3 player remind me that God is ruling and reigning, and Laura Story on the local Christian radio station help me recall that sometimes God’s blessings come disguised as trials.

Technology is here to stay. The pace of life is increasing. There is no way to completely avoid these things. Instead, I would suggest that we embrace the changes that are inevitable and use them to enhance our relationship with God. (Personally, I love having three different versions of the Bible on my mobile phone.)

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