Standing Up for God’s Truth (originally posted March 9, 2011)

In the twenty-sixth chapter of the book that bears his name, Jeremiah had just prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem. Although God had told him to do it, his words ran contrary to the popular thinking of the day. Those words were even opposed to the words of other “prophets.” So the people and their leaders rose up against Jeremiah to kill him. They laid hold of him saying, “You shall die!” (Jeremiah 26:8).

When he was allowed to speak in his own defense, Jeremiah reiterated the words he had said earlier and then added, “But as for me, behold, I am in your hands. Do with me as seems good and right to you” (Jeremiah 26:14). He wasn’t afraid to die. He knew his life was in God’s hands. He courageously stood in front of those who wanted to take his life and said, “Go ahead.” Amazingly, Jeremiah’s life was spared.

It would be wrong of me to imply that Jeremiah’s outcome would also be our outcome. Just like Jeremiah, our standing up for the truth of God is the right thing to do. When we do that in a fallen world, however, it is entirely possible that our lives will not be spared. We could lose our earthly life. Small price, though. Because of the death and resurrection of Christ, you and I have something far greater waiting for us in heaven.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for God’s truth.

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